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Positano Visiting Tips | Positano Attractions | Things to do in Positano

Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Positano

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the magnificence of Positano! It’s time to stroll along the sun-kissed streets of Positano and explore its historical and cultural heritage. In case you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options and information, we’re here to help you plan your trip to Positano as quickly as possible. Our carefully put-up guide is full of essential advice that guarantees an unforgettable adventure in Positano! Let us be your compass as you navigate the marvels of this idyllic coastal town in Campania, a region of Southern Italy. Get familiar with what to expect, tips on where to go, what to do, and which time of the year is the best time to visit Positano. So, get comfy and take a look at our ultimate guide to visit Positano, Italy.

Our dedicated team is here to help you make your Positano adventure truly incredible!

Your time in Positano

Think about how you want to spend your time now and book your accommodation early to ensure your preferred location at the best price! While Positano is known to be on the pricier side, prices differ with seasons. And anyway, the beauty and the atmosphere are worth it. That time – just relaxing, walking, sunbathing on the beach, and exploring the area – is priceless.

Once you’ve booked your plane tickets and accommodation, secure your spot on Positano Tours and fill your trip in Positano with memorable adventures. Take charge of organizing your Italy trip, and allow yourself to unwind once you’re there. Let the waves take you into the bliss of a coastal atmosphere. Whether you want to visit the Amalfi Coast towns to witness the most famous Italian coast or join a full-day trip to Pompeii to step into ancient Roman history, professional tour guides are here to take you on a joyful learning experience.

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Essential tips for visiting Positano

  • Book your accommodation and tours early on, especially if you’re planning your trip in the peak season. July and August are extra popular due to the perfect weather for beach days and boat tours.
  • Pack your comfortable shoes with sturdy bottoms and breathable clothes, as Positano has many steep streets. 
  • Watch your step while walking along cobblestone streets. The streets in Positano can be uneven and full of stairs, so if you’re used to flat streets, pay extra care before you get used to it.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the burn that can ruin your vacation.
  • Take some cash along with your card in case you come up to a smaller shop that only takes cash. Those artisan shops where you can find local clothes, shoes, handmade postcards, and magnets are hard to resist. 
  • Learn a few Italian phrases to show respect for their local customs and engage in their tradition. Simply saying buon giorno, grazie, or per favore is a great way to enhance your cultural experience.
  • Be mindful of your captains on a boat tour and beach flags pointing out water safety conditions.
  • Dress modestly if you’re planning to enter churches; their interior, full of intricate details, will take your breath away. Respect their religion by being covered from shoulders to knees while inside.
  • If you can, save time for day trips and explore Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and the surrounding area.

The best time to visit Positano

Positano offers a unique experience throughout the year. Each season has its own perks and drawbacks, so choosing the best time to visit Positano is highly tied to your travel style.

As Positano is a coastal town, summertime is definitely a peak season. During the time from June to August, you can enjoy the ideal beach weather and the vibrant atmosphere in the city that comes along with the warmth. Prepare for the crowds and expenses, and plan ahead! Get your Airbnb and desired tours secured ahead of time to ensure your hassle-free adventure, and remember that boat tours are the perfect getaway from the crowds.

Shoulder season is regarded as the best time to visit Positano. So, if you prefer a calmer stay with warm weather and fewer tourists, consider visiting Positano in spring (April to May) or fall (September to October). The weather and the sea are still warm to enjoy days spent on the beach or a boat, while it’s even more favorable for walking. Enjoy the unhurried exploration and savor the tranquility and beauty of Positano during perfect sunsets and early evening walks on promenades.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a perfect getaway from people where you can just be and enjoy the surroundings, winter is the season for you. Lower accommodation costs and the off-season time of the year allow you to enjoy a peaceful experience where you can mostly meet locals. Check places to rent and restaurant options in advance to plan your stay accordingly, as many places close their doors off-season. Even though Positano doesn’t experience harsh weather during winter time, it’s always best to check the forecast beforehand to pack the essentials.

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The Best Things to do in Positano

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Spiaggia grande is a crown jewel of Positano, treating you with breathtaking views of pastel-colored houses down the hill and golden shores. You can also find more secluded beaches in Positano, like Fornillo Beach, where you can enjoy a serene atmosphere and truly get that relaxing mode going on! Embrace the coastal ambiance with the waves rolling and nothing serious to think about except maybe a book in your hand.

Local Food

While restaurants in Positano have a reputation for being on the more expensive side, they offer a delightful culinary experience where you can taste delectable local food with stunning views of the town. Positano has been a fishing village in the past, and while it’s now mainly in the tourist industry, it still boasts with fresh food and local flavors! Whether you would prefer a relaxing spot with a light snack at Franco’s Bar or a charming setting of Il Tridente in Hotel Poseidon, Positano has it all. You can also explore side streets and take on local recommendations for more affordable options available.


Positano is renowned for offering postcard-perfect views every step of the way. Explore the lovely streets of Positano, its coastal promenades, and natural paths that will reward you with breathtaking scenes of the Amalfi Coastline. Admire the tiled dome of Santa Maria Assunta, the unique architecture of the houses situated on cliffs, local shops, and the sparkling turquoise sea as you wander through the town. You can discover cultural landmarks, fishing heritage, and traces of ancient Roman times. Set your way along Path of the Gods, a walking trail situated just outside Positano, and take in the serenity of the area. For a maximized experience, join a guided tour to gain the local insights of Positano.

Boat Tours

Get away from the heat and the crowds with a Positano boat tour! Glide along the stunning coastline, dip into the crystal-clear waters, explore the rich marine life with snorkeling equipment, and take in the Italian sun on a boat deck. A boat tour doesn’t only allow you to feel the sea breeze on your skin but also to discover some truly incredible sites like the famous Faraglioni Rocks formation of Capri Island and picturesque Amalfi Coast towns. Treat yourself to unforgettable adventures and switch reality off with a day spent out on the sea!

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FAQ – Best time to visit Positano

Why is Positano so popular?

Positano is a stunning coastal town along the Amalfi Coast renowned for its colorful buildings perched on dramatic cliffsides, beaches, and lovely small-town atmosphere. Staying in Positano will reward you with the exceptional scenic beauty of Mediterranean and a unique ambiance as you explore the narrow streets filled with artisan shops and restaurants. The beaches in Positano are truly incredible! You can get your dose of days spent under the sun and in the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and take in their vibrant culture and history. Have a truly unforgettable experience with our best-deals Positano tours, which will maximize your adventure in this captivating coastal haven!

Is Positano walkable?

Winding pathways of Positano are there to take you for a treat of a lifetime! Let your feet lead you to sandy shores, natural paths, and the old town. Positano's streets are ideal for exploring lively shops, enjoying the views from seaside paths, and joining the Walking Tour Positano Italy, uncovering hidden gems and the ancient Roman Villa. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear as Positano dates back centuries, resulting in steep, uneven streets and steps. Just outside Positano, you can find the famous Path of the Gods walking trail. Start a hiking adventure and treat yourself to a great deal of heart-stopping panoramic views.

How many days do you need to visit Positano?

The days needed while staying in Positano highly depend on your personal preferences and the activities you plan to do. If you want to explore the highlights of Positano and relax a bit at the beach, two to three days should do it. However, if you wish to truly take in Positano's atmosphere, plan to stay at least four to five days. This time allows you to visit historical sites, wander around its natural paths, and enjoy famous restaurants in Positano, like Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar and Da Vincenzo. Go level up and gain a deeper appreciation for local cuisine with Cooking Class Positano. You could even spend a full day on an Amalfi Coast Boat Tour from Positano and explore UNESCO heritage sites. Additionally, an extended stay provides enough time not just to explore Positano and the Amalfi Coast but also to visit Capri and its renowned Blue Grotto, travel to the past with a Positano to Pompeii day tour, and still have enough time to completely loosen up and chill.